Book: God is not a Christian: and Other Provocations

God is not a Christian: and Other Provocations is a book of Desmond Tutu’s “most historic and controversial speeches and writings” as described on the amazon website linked here.

Mrs.B, from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom , has done an awesome write-up of the book and some of the quotes held within it.  I must say that this book has moved up to position #1 on my reading list; in fact I just went and grabbed my Kindle and will be downloading this book as soon as I get done posting this.

I’ve always been very accepting of other religions and those that follow different paths; it’s something that fascinates me and I’m always intrigued to learn more from those willing to teach without preaching.  Sometimes it’s really hard to find this in people who are so deeply religious that they’ve taken it on as their life’s path, but to read some of the quotes that Mrs.B has excerpted from his book makes me really want to learn more about Desmond Tutu and listen (or read) to what he has to say.  I’ve always had much respect of those who publicly respect others no matter their background, faith, religion, etc.; even more so, those in a position such as his.

While reading more on Desmond Tutu I found one of the most beautiful pictures of him on his wiki page.  I thought it would be fitting to share that picture here.

"The 14th Dalai Lama & Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 2004."

I’ll leave you with one of his quotes from his book. Mrs.B also quoted this specific quote and it can be found on the Amazon Look Inside feature, Chapter 1, Section 2, Page 6, first full paragraph:

“My second point is this: not to insult the adherents of other faiths by suggesting, as sometimes has happened, that for instance when you are a Christian the adherents of other faiths are really Christians without knowing it.  We must acknowledge them for who they are in all their  integrity, with their conscientiously held beliefs; we must welcome them and respect them…”

With that, I’m off to download the book and start reading!  Blessed Be!!


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2 responses to “Book: God is not a Christian: and Other Provocations

  1. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the book!

    And I love the pic of Rev. Tutu! He’s got a very infectious smile! =)

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